In the second part of a two-part series on Master Policy and Risk Management, Matthew Thomson from the Lockton Master Policy Team is interviewed on the topics of:

  • Client & Transaction Vetting
  • Letters of Engagement
  • Other Risk Areas such as Dabbling, Diaries and Time Limits and Email Fraud

Matthew explains the various aspects which contribute to Master Policy claims and he discusses the actions which might serve to mitigate or even eliminate future claims.

Client and transaction vetting is a key stage in the process of taking on new work and Matthew explains what to look out for to avoid getting into difficulty.

He also explains how important letters of engagement can be as a risk management tool and looks at some risk management issues which have contributed to claims including dabbling and email fraud.

The video seminars are segmented into sections with multiple choice questions to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning experience that counts as verifiable CPD.

Click on the link below to view Part Two of the Video Seminar.

Master Policy & Risk Management Video Seminars: Part Two