Law firms, by their very nature, store large amounts of their clients' most confidential data.  Preserving that client confidentiality is at the heart of your relationship of trust with your clients - and fundamental to your firm's reputation and ongoing success.

In today's networked digital world, not only is data theft an increasing focus of criminal activity, it's also becoming more and more difficult to control, secure and preserve that data.

Lockton's specialist Global Technology and Privacy Practice is at the leading edge of cyber risk solutions, both in the UK and worldwide.  We place Cyber Liability Insurance policies which provide protection against financial losses (including third party liability and fines and penalties  [fines of up to £500,000 can be levied under the terms of the Data Protection Act] arising from your practice's information technology.

As the only broker with access to a full range of cyber, crime and fidelity policies, tailored specifically to tie in with the Master Policy, we can provide you with impartial advice on your risk exposures, and the best policy for your needs. 

You can select from the following covers, amongst others:

  • Network security and privacy liability
  • Regulatory defence
  • Loss of Digital Assets
  • Non-physical Business Interruption
  • Theft of firm's own monies
  • Cyber breach recovery
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Bank Account fraud

Contact us to discuss the extent to which you are already covered for these risks by your existing insurances, and whether Cyber Liability Insurance would be right for you.