Cyber Security and the security of your and your clients' information is top of mind after a summer of high profile cyber attacks and system breaches.  Our cyber assessments will help you assess how well placed you are to meet the threat.

Your perception of risk and the reality are often different.  It can be difficult, as a law firm manager, to know whether the systems and procedures that you think are being followed are in fact being complied with.  Similarly, while there is an increasing volume of training courses available (such as Lockton's Choosing a Secure Password training, and our Phishing webinar produced in conjunction with NCC Group) you may not always know how effective these have been at changing people's attitudes and awareness in practice.

We have therefore produced three assessments - which you can use in your firm - either individually, or as a set.  Taken together they should provide a useful audit of the entire firm's cyber and information security awareness.


Assess your staff's Cyber Security awareness

Ask your staff to complete this anonymous assessment - all they need to do is answer the questions and input your firm name.  We can then, at your request, collate a report of the findings - advising you of any particular risk areas identified.

Simply click on the assessment icon to start.


Management Assessments

There are separate assessments for the IT team in your firm, and other, non-IT managers.  To access them, simply click on the relevant icons below.























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